Patek Philippe 1933

Patek Philippe 1933

The worlds most expensive watches by Patek Philippe 1933

Watches are almost the only piece of jewelery men wears. There are many expensive men watches . But how far one can go to buy one? Now look at this piece of jewelery. In December 1999, one of the most complicated watches ever made became the most expensive watch ever sold when it was hammered down for $11 million at Sotheby's.

This exquisite piece of jewelery was made by Patek Philippe exclusively for New York financier Henry Graves Jr. It took three years to design and five year to produce.

The gold pocket watch, which featured 24 complications. (Complications are mechanical functions of the watch other than the hours, minutes and seconds.) When completed in 1933, the watch had a different horological function for each hour of the day and included a chart of the nighttime sky over Graves' home in New York.

The Graves watch had a presale estimate of $3 million to $5 million, and sold for $11,003,500 to an anonymous collector. With this fact, this watch makes into the worlds most expensive watches list.


Piaget Limelight Polo Large Diamond Watch #GOA27018

When talking about expensive men watches , another proud entry from the modern world is Piaget Limelight Polo, large model. Case, dial and bracelet in 18k white gold set with baguette-cut diamonds (51.9 carats). Four hundred and ninety eight baguette-cut diamonds compose an exceptional adornment with this "Haute Joaillerie" Piaget polo watch.

Case, wristband and dial are set by hand by the master craftsman of Piaget's Geneva workshop, in the finest tradition of prestige jewelery. Each watch requires more than 600 hours of careful attention. Every diamond meticulously selected and skillfully cut to guarantee maximal brilliance.

And the Price is $894,000.00 only.