19/09/2016 10:57

If you are thinking about buying your next watch online? then you may want to consider a little advice to help you buy watches online safely. The best starting point is to know the exact model and brand that you want. But then the questions become 1) how do you know if the merchant that has your watch is reliable and will deliver the promised value timepiece? and 2) Most importantly how do you know if the watches particularly the designer ones are authentic and not replicas.

The best way to check seller reliability when you buy watches online is to use a seller who is prominently promoted by an approved accredited body. The usual and probably the safest way to buy watches online is to take the recommendation of a friend who has first-hand experience of the merchant. This is better than simply noting the testimonials posted on the website but still not as good as the endorsements of 3rd party accredited bodies such as BBB Online a cyber version of the Better Business Bureaus.

Sellers who are part of this program have met the minimum requirements of one year in business, a proven complaint handling record, provided authenticated information on the company ownership and management with a physical business address and telephone number. Another reassuring thing to do when you buy watches online is to check out your seller's returns policy. Typically a 14-30 day return policy is a good guide. The shipping charges are probably not refundable and there may be a 5% restocking fee if you request a different exchange watch. For faulty goods a serious merchant will always cover the cost of shipping replacement items to you.

To avoid getting stuck with a replica watch be sure to check out the testimonials and the presence of manufacturer guarantees and certificates of authenticity. To buy watches online is the same as buying anything else online. You the customer must be aware of web security.